On 5 quiet acres. . .
Blue Moon Estate has established itself as a premier location and home for competitive driving ponies, Fainting Goats, Rat Terrier dog and assorted other visiting wildlife. 
  1. Fainting Goats
    At the 2015 Jefferson County Fair, Candy became enthralled by Fainting Goats and immediately made plans for introducing a pair of does to Blue Moon Estate. The plans were set in motion and in early 2016, our first pair of Registered Fainting Goats were purchased. Follow the antics of Blue Moon Luv Lucille and Blue Moon Valentine and our learning curve of how to be owned by goats!
  2. Ponies
    Large or small, if the temperament is suitable for driving then the ponies have a great opportunity to get out and show their talents. Featured herein is Quail Mtn Philip Sheridan, a pure Lippitt Morgan. In addition to Sheridan, two reg. Welsh-X ponies are owned by Blue Moon Estate. River Runner has completed his first year in harness; while Wynnbrook Listen Up has returned to the Hunter show ring.
  3. Rat Terrier (Miniature)
    Ratitatt Blue Moon Gizmo is our sole Rat Terrier at present time, and is the love of the household. He is athletic, smart and affectionate. AKC recognized the Rat Terrier in 2013, and their popularity is growing at a fast pace.
  4. Cats and Wildlife
    No barn is complete without a cat, and Narcil (the proverbial Fat Cat) has filled that role for the past 14 years. He is kept company by Treat, an Ocicat adopted out of Texas hill country. Wildlife surrounds us and is in abundance with Whitetail Deer, Red Fox, Owls, Turkeys, Hawks, Rabbits, . . . The list is long and we enjoy most of our visitors.