30 Years of Blue Moon Estate
Blue Moon is principally our home where we have learned how to grow together.  What started as a house in the middle of an old hay field developed over time into a safe haven for our family and animals. 

Now retired, Dan & Candy can devote their time to their respective passions.  The photographs contained within these pages are Dan's creations as he has found you are never too old (or young) to learn new things.  His keen eye for artistry in photos is greatly appreciated.

Candy's love of animals is the foundation for much what has become the Blue Moon family.  Little did Dan know that when you meet a woman with a cat, and her first order of action on buying a new home is to get a dog, that you are likely to end up with livestock and a farm.
We are not actively breeding animals for sale.  Our Fainting Goats are currently 4-H project goats, and will be retained for possible breeding in 2017. 

On occasion, we will have a trained pony ready to take a new owner on to new adventures.   At times, we will have select driving equipment available for sale.